RV Traveling with 6

Hello! Welcome to our page! We are getting this up and going. We are a family of 6, as you know, and we are traveling FULL-TIME in our Class A motor home! We have done some recreational traveling for the past 10+ years together, which we will show you more of!

We currently travel between Texas and Minnesota when our life allows us to, to get that extended family time in! We have been blessed with opportunities that continue to unfold and bring us closer to making this lifestyle change. We love to learn. We love to see new things. Hear new sounds. See new creatures. We understand that some say we are crazy for taking our family on the road, or we get that look of concern and so many questions...mainly to do with raising our kids in a non-traditional home.

That’s OK. We got it. We are right there with those people who have concerns. We have taken this seriously and spent the last two years teaching ourselves what this lifestyle is going to be like for us full-time. We love our children. We are tired of spending our time away from each other because we are keeping bills paid. If we have less, we get to be with each other more and make memories together.

We are inspired by other full-time families who share their stories and want to make this platform so that others can experience our journey with us. We would love for you to join us on our journey as we share our life being in an RV traveling with 6! Subscribe to our emails and like our page so we can share more with you.


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