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Short Story Contest for Easy Peasy All-in-one Homeschool:

Easter the Bunny


About Easter the Bunny
Easter is a very special bunny. There are many things we can learn about Easter the Bunny. We had Easter in April and so I began to wonder...what do I know about Easter the Bunny? Here is a short story about Easter the Bunny... 

Easter loves the holiday Easter. His birthday is on Easter. Every Easter, he will hide some eggs for his friends to find. Easter loves to hide eggs. Even on April Fools day he will play tricks, like putting spiders in the mail box and telling his friends that they have mail. His friends will check the mail and would say aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Easter would laugh and hop around and say, "they are only pretend spiders, April Fool's!"
One day Easter went to see his friends. His friends are old Mr. toad, Reddy fox, Jimmy Skunk, Stinky Skunk, Peter Rabbit and Sammy Jay. Easter loves going to Peter's house because they go to the garden to get food. Can you guess what Easter's favorite vegetable is? It's carrots! When Peter and Easter go to the garden to get food, they must watch out for a man who owns the garden because they might get trapped! Easter is easy to see because he is gray and white.


When it's Easter, Easter and all his friends will gather up on Easter night for Easter's birthday and Easter. Easter the bunny hides his eggs and he puts signs out for clues to find them. In each and every Easter basket, Easter has magic. It helps him travel around the world on Easter. Easter has helpers that help him make his eggs. Every Easter morning  he will deliver eggs to every door step. When everyone wakes up, they look at their door step and find their eggs. Easter does not only go to his neighborhood, he goes all over the world!


Easter loves flowers and eggs. One-time Easter was sad. He lost his eggs and he went to ask his friend if  they had seen his special Easter eggs. Easter went to every house he knows.  But Easter couldn't find his eggs. So, he rushed home and tried to find the eggs. The eggs were in Easter's closet. Easter forgot that he had put his eggs in his closet. When Easter picked up the eggs he remembered that he had an Easter egg hunt to get to. Easter went to his Easter egg hunt. Easter loves to put his beautiful Easter signs up when he sets up his Easter egg hunt every year.
Easter started coming to America in the 1700's to bring eggs! Easter puts some of  his eggs at some of his signs. Easter likes to put "Happy Easter" on all of  his signs. Easter paints flowers on his signs. Easter's signs are made with wood and are pink. Easter loves pastel colors. Easter loves every type of flower. Easter likes the colors pink and blue too. When Easter sees the leaves starting to grow on trees and flowers, he knows that it is almost Easter or Spring.

When you leave a note and a carrot for Easter he will write back. He will enjoy a carrot for a snack when he brings eggs. Easter told me in a letter this year that the eggs are a sign of the new life that Jesus Christ gives us because Jesus died on the cross, and then was buried and went into heaven. We get new life through Jesus and the eggs are new life! These eggs are very special eggs!  Easter the Bunny and his eggs remind everyone, every year, that we have new life through Jesus! 
Thank you, mom for helping me make my story and giving me some details.


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