RV Traveling with 6

I want to summarize some of the reasons we have felt led to travel with our family.

During our first handful years of raising kids Brandon's schedule kept him away from home a lot or sleeping when we were awake due to the work schedules that he kept to support us. I have been a stay at home mother since we had kids. It was really hard for us to have that kind of schedule and enjoy life like we imagined. It welcomed loneliness, stress, worry, depression and probably more than I can remember names to of bad things into our home, minds and hearts.

We have spent a majority of our marriage traveling when our jobs afforded us the ability.

I was trained in school for court reporting and then started a job in 2016 doing closed captioning from home and Brandon had a multitude of experiences. He was mostly a police officer and volunteer firefighter among those experiences. 

Brandon made a career change into I.T. work where he works with networks, technology management and computers in general. He is currently studying full-time at Purdue Global University. And doing well!

The kids have been missing family and neither family was within a weekend's drive away while Brandon held a job that required him to be on site and on call.

We decided being more mobile and accessible to be with family would be good for all of us.

Freedom in learning and schedules.

It's important to be able to show our children opportunities from understanding different places and cultures. With homeschool we don't have to worry about our school schedules as much to work around visiting family. We also found that the kids have grown closer together as they play and learn at home. Our Easy Peasy all in one homeschool curriculum has given us freedom this year. And we get to be involved with other homeschool families in the area and online! That has been good support to have in getting started and being new to homeschooling.

Making the most of our lives.

We can take history and bring it to our children to experience. We can't wait to take them to aquariums and zoos, all over the U.S., join Jr. Ranger programs and to see the learning we all will do together. Brianna would like to see the Statue of Liberty, Brandon wants to see Mount Rushmore and the Northwest as well as Canada and Alaska. Madisyn would like to see where we were in the military. Truitt would like dinasours and animals in general and Legoland and we are waiting to see what interests Bryson as he grows. Maybe Yogi Bear parks and Disney World? I would like to see Noah's Ark replica. We have so many more ideas, it is going to be exciting to see where this road we are on takes our #RVTW6!

Message us and tell us what works for you if you have any ideas or experiences that would help us in this journey as well! Let us know if you have anything you would like to see us cover. 

Starting the RV Decision Processes