RV Traveling with 6

Motor home Upgrade Plans

While we were planning our full-time there were a few things that decided to put money aside to ensure we would be able to do. One of the biggest upgrades was to upgrade our house batteries to the Battle Born LiFePO4 deep cycle batteries. These batteries are a top shelf item which will allow us to practically double our battery capacity since your able to drain them down to 10% (in my opinion from what I have read). A standard acid battery can only be drained to about 50% and no less or you will kill the battery life.

Another upgrade that we wanted to do was solar. This would allow us to stay off grid (without sure power) longer without having to use our on-board generator. The generator will run everything on the RV with no problems but there are so many places that have generator restrictions that only allow you to run your generator during certain hours normally during the quite time hours between 8PM to 9AM. Depending on the weather this may be fine but we wanted to have a bit more comfort since this was our home and not just a weekend getaway.